On November 15, 2014, the PA held the Gala Fundraiser: Dinner, Dance and Auction. Thanks to Jennifer Scott for leading the event, and to Andrew Munro, Lesley Meyers, James McKernan, Heather Lumber, Phil ten Kortenaar, Karen Cassie, Ritsa Gournis, Kara Oliver, and Rosemary Condillac for their assistance. The Gala was a great success and sold out for the second year in a row! The Auctions included a wide range of items for the whole family.  Many auction donations came from parents. Last year we introduced two new fundraising activities, the Wine Raffle and Pop for Prizes Balloon Pop. Both were well-received and contributed to our fundraising success. The fundraising activities at the 2014 Gala raised almost $6000 to enhance our children’s educational experiences and allow the PA to host social events for our school community.