On September 14th, we launch one of our major fundraisers of the season, our QSP fundraiser.

As our classrooms are well-prepared learning environments, these funds are used to enhance the children’s learning experiences with such things as ROM & Science Centre memberships, classroom pets and their habitats, TIFF Lightbox events, grow lights for classroom plants, classroom photography studio, musical instruments and more.

qspQSP sells items such as physical and digital magazine subscriptions, gift cards and a wide variety of other interesting goods through their website. We receive about 29% of total purchases made by our community after all taxes and fees. This year’s sales target is $7,000, which should yield approximately $2,000 in funds raised.

In keeping with our Montessori values, we don’t participate in sales competitions for prizes, and children are not expected to participate in this campaign. To order online, visit www.qsp.ca and click I’M READY TO SHOP, enter our online id 3739901, and skip the step of supporting a particular child, to proceed directly to perusing items.

Stop by the lobby this week to pick up your personally addressed packet, and browse through the catalog and online selections. 

Enriching our kids inside and out of the classroom is our goal!
Thank you!

QSP Fundraising Committee

Return orders on or before: October 12th, 2018

Order ONLINE at www.qsp.ca and click I’M READY TO SHOP
(skip the step of registering a particular student)
Our Group Online ID is 3739901

Submit the order form from this packet to the school office. Pay by credit card or by cheque, payable to “Humberside Montessori School Parents’ Association”