The Humberside Montessori Parents’ Association provides a series of services that every Humberside family needs. Most of these offerings also support the activities of the PA as well.  So kill two birds with one stone – support the school and get what you need!

Clothing & Item Labels
Kids lose stuff. You need to label their stuff! Order your labels through the HMPA and get high quality labels while supporting the school community at the same time.

Magazine Subscriptions
Magazine subscriptions – online or physical – are still quite popular. Order magazines through the HMPA and a portion of your subscription fee will come right back to the school. A number of other items are also available through our supplier. Visit our magazine subscription page for details.

Staff & Teacher Gift Cards
Traditionally, gifts are given to teachers and staff during the holiday season and at the end of the year. If you would like to pool your gifts with other parents, the HMPA facilitates this by organizing the purchase of gift cards for teachers. This is not a fundraiser.

Holiday Cookie Decorating Kits

Order a cookie decorating kit, send in your photos of your masterpieces and feel the holiday spirit contributing to a group activity with other HMS families.