Why does the PA raise funds?

The administration of Humberside Montessori School provides an outstanding learning environment for our children. Each classroom is beautifully and meticulous equipped. The Humberside Montessori School Parents’ Association raises funds to further enrich the educational experiences that our children enjoy, as well as to provide events for students and families to strengthen the school community.

Unlike many private schools, the Humberside Montessori School Parents’ Association does not levy a flat rate family donation fee or activity fee forĀ all registered students and their families. Instead, several fundraisers are run each year.

How are the funds used?

Funds raised by the HMS PA first are used to fund a standard set of events, initiatives, and activities. Surpluses, if any, are allocated to a combination of short-term and long-term initiatives.

The PA is undertaking the creation of a strategic plan for its long-term initiatives, and we welcome your input. If you would like to get involved in planning, or get involved in the conversation about these initiatives, come to our meetings, or reach out directly to the PA.

Class & Level Allotments

  • Each class is provided with a stipend for additional items to embellish the classroom environment. Items purchased have included
    • Books
    • Artwork
    • Photography studio (expanded over several years)
    • Community greenhouse
    • Class pet habitats & related expenses
    • Musical and theatrical performances
    • Musical instruments
    • and more
  • Each level (Casa, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary & Adolescent) is also provided with an allocation for items that benefit the whole level.

Grad Trip Subsidy

  • Graduating classes in the Adolescent Program and the Upper Elementary program often travel to different cities as for graduation trips. The children conceive of and run their own fundraisers throughout the year to support these trips, and the PA offers a small subsidy as well, to offset the costs for students travelling on these trips.

Funded Community Activities

  • Welcome barbecue – most years the PA hosts a welcome barbecue for new families in early September to welcome them to the community
  • Coffee Hour – at drop-off time weekly during September and January, and monthly throughout the year the PA hosts a “coffee meet and greet” in the lobby
  • Storytelling – annually a storytelling event is held featuring an excellent storyteller from the GTA. This event is targeted at our younger children
  • Games Night – an annual games night social event for our older children
  • Fun Fair Caravan – annual fun fair for the whole school community held in late May/early June
  • Casa graduation picnic – annual graduation picnic for casa students while the older children attend their own graduation ceremony – usually held the last day of school in a nearby park.

Fundraisers & Events

These activities are supported through a few fundraisers run each year, including:

Silent Auction Donation Drive

Parents assist in procuring donations from the shops and restaurants that they feel comfortable approaching. Silent Auction occurs at the Gala Fundraiser. Event co-leads co-ordinate the donation drive and help organize the items for auction. Volunteers participate in various aspects including planning, getting donations, preparing them for the auction, pricing, and with item pickup after the event.

Gala Fundraiser

The Gala Fundraiser is an evening event for parents. It provides an opportunity to socialize with other parents, and to take part in fundraising activities and the silent auction. Tickets are sold for this event to ensure adequate space and catering. The event co-leads would organize and facilitate this large parent-centered fundraiser. Volunteers participate in with planning, set up, and clean up at the event.

Direct Donations

The HMSPA is not a registered charity, so donation tax receipts cannot be issued, but we always welcome donations from parents. You can donate online or leave a cheque payable to Humberside Montessori School Parents’ Association at the school office.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

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